Charlie Sheen: Crazy Like a Fox

It seems so obvious.

A brilliant and successful writer/producer is about to let go of his most successful project — gee — about
the time Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld let go of SEINFELD. Result: megabucks in syndication.

Okay. So big star smells what’s coming. What? Change TWO AND A HALF MEN to THREE MEN?
(That cute dead pan kid is now just a dead pan.)

Why not go out in a blitzkrieg of publicity?

Charlie Sheen shows up for work.

More work will come.


One response to “Charlie Sheen: Crazy Like a Fox

  1. THAT is 100% true, IMO. I felt that in the back of my mind when all of this started unfolding a few weeks back. That point about SEINFELD is dead-eye bullseye center target. I would even venture to go so far as to say that Chuck Lorre is totally in on the joke, and even writing Charlie Sheen’s lines. Not everything he says, but the main points of attack as well as those snappy one-liners applied strategically—as if rehearsed.

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