Today is the end of an era.

And what a short era it was!

The illusion?  You can make a killing.  A KILLING, mind you, in selling books!

Yep. Come this way, ladees and gennlemen.  See the famous Stephen King Freak Show!  Geeks here and geeks welcome!

Women?  Want Romance?  Step right this way!  Harlequin Books.  Bodice rippers!  Name your potion!

Spys?  Oh yes, sir.  Just buy this fat Robert Ludlum book on the way to the plane?   Please leave all liquids, explosives and disbelief behind.

And on and on….

The myth the corporations bought — and lets face it, its mindless business practises and often foreign thinkers thought they noticed in the American market — was that you could market books like meat.


The Wild West of e-book publishing?

Some Armageddon of Bestsellers?

Or a return of Independent Bookstores?

Stay tuned!












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